About Improvement Comics

Improvement Comics is an initiative started by twin brothers Maxim and Olivier Leirman in 2023 to help growth-minded, ambitious professionals improve their soft skills, performance, and well-being.

After 10 years of research in the field of personal development, Maxim and Olivier realized that most informational content out there wasn't as efficient as it could be. Authors often fill books and courses with excessive or unnecessary content in order to maintain the perception of worthiness, resulting in unnecessarily lengthy material which consumes our precious time.

Furthermore, Maxim and Olivier also strongly believe that learning should be fun, attractive, and made to remember. And what better way than using visuals, cartoons, and comics?

Besides that, professionals who are already very busy may not have the time and energy to sign up for yet another platform. Luckily, email is the perfect solution to this problem and requires no extra downloading or logging into another website. And thanks to the emergence of Substack and other subscription-based newsletter services, email has seen a boost in popularity as a content delivery platform. Combine that with micro-learning and awesome comics, and building a learning habit has never been easier.

All that said, with Improvement Comics we are devoted to providing ambitious professionals with an effortless and enjoyable learning experience by dedicating countless hours each week to extracting the best self-improvement knowledge from various resources - books, articles, podcasts - and transforming it into amusing comics.

Maxim & Olivier are currently researching and illustrating everything themselves, but if an artist or curious researcher wants to help, they are more than welcome to help Improvement Comics grow.

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Are you a comic artist or cartoonist that would like to make self-improvement concepts awesome and help people around the globe improve their lives through comics?

Then contact us: improvementcomics@gmail.com

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As twin brothers, wisdom seekers, illustrators, and digital entrepreneurs, it's our dream to make education more entertaining, and entertainment more educational.